In Town Dental, LLC - Dr. Marianne P. Lasher, DMD

What's new at In Town Dental

We want you to LOVE going to the dentist !

Movies: Watch a movie during your appointment with bluetooth headphones. No more "dental noise"....

Limited Orthodontics:  We listen to your concerns! Ten years of listening to our patients and their requests for "straightening just these couple of teeth"  prompted us to offer a new procedure. Although we will always refer patients to an orthodontist for the vast majority of  orthodontic needs, we are now able to treat those "few crooked teeth" that you've often mentioned during your exam appointments. The procedure uses a removable appliance that looks like a retainer called the "Inman aligner". Dr.Lasher is the only Inman-certified dentist in Cumberland.

"Cold sores" and "canker sores": Call us in the first 2-3 days of the start of these very annoying sores and we can laser treat them without pain, without the need for anesthesia, and without even touching the laser to the sore. Call us and we can help you research if your insurance will pay for the procedure.

          for appointments: 301-722-6688